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In Cotos Compartidos, hunting is managed by a team of professionals that are experts in red-legged partridges. Their principal job is to maintain the hunting areas in optimum conditions for use and enjoyment of hunters that wish to take advantage of this suggestive option. Cotos Compartidos aim to bring back lost enthusiasm to all hunters.


Showing new generations the best type of hunting management to preserve wild red-legged partridge in our country for the future


Cotos Compartidos is a subsidiary of Grupo Altube, with all the companyÔÇÖs experience and knowledge in the field of natural breeding of partridges. We are continuously selecting the best territories for jump-shooting or hunting in squads for you in any Spanish region, brining Cotos Compartidos as close as possible to you.


We have the best specialists for breeding partridges in the country. They know what to do at any time of the year. Guaranteeing all those that hunt in Cotos Compartidos an average density of 1-2 partridges per Ha. At the beginning of the season, our objective being to breed the maximum amount of partridges in the country.


Distinguished by SEO/Birdlife, (One of the most important associations for bird conservation), providing numerous subsidies for the fields where we release our partridges, Cotos Compartidos represents the enthusiasm of the hunter in general, being able to guarantee a stable density of partridges in the hunting reserves, and this also promotes the appearance of other noble species.


Restocking system

Restocking, if necessary, will be done in July and August; and if, due to adverse conditions, it were necessary to restock during the hunting season, it will be done with adapted partridges; red-legged partridges brought from land where there is no hunting and which are in absolute freedom, with their natural enemies.


Each hunting territory will be approximately 1,000 Ha in area, with the capacity for 7 to 9 hunters, depending on the orography, within hunting reserve of at least 3,000 Ha. In Cotos Compartidos, hunting will be done 3 days per week within the general season. Each hunter will choose a desired day of the week, which will remain the same during the whole season.

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